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Below are some of the activities that PAK-Chuka University Chapter has participated and organized:


This walk was organized by the P.A.K executive in consultation with the Eastern region chapter heads. The walk took place in the month of September as from 18th to 21st, 2012 as from Embu to Meru.  Chuka University College (by then) was privileged to be named the host campus by the P.A.K family that has got more than 30 chapters now. Among the people who had participated are Rosemary Wairimu, Dennis Kimathi, Beatrice Wamaitha, Hannah Nungari, Margaret Wainaina and Danson Mwangangi.  The walk was successfully completed in three days. From Chuka university executive desk we would urge the P.A.K organizing team to plan for another one as members who didn’t make to participate want to make it up for the passion of preaching Peace. I’d love to sincerely appreciate all individuals who participated and give special thanks to Superintendent Francis Kooli, OGW for what he set for us as youths: the selflessness that is in him, that still grows to this day, that is now growing in generations born under him. Would also wish to acknowledge MOSES AKALI for his efforts to see to it that everything is done in accordance Finally, I would wish to appreciate the P.A.K organizing team i.e. Sammy and his team for the well laid plan. Below is a picture of the participants from Chuka University:

Chuka Walk


The semester was short, and as a chapter we saw the need to organize for a social retreat early enough in order to have some team building activities with the members and share some ideas on how to make the chapter much better in implementation of its calendar of activities.

The retreat was centered on creation of a better bond among the members, knowing each other as members and reading out of the calendar of events to call for participation and self ownership of our events. Moreover, we had fun playing games to build a cheerful mood before we could dismiss to our respective areas of residence.


The operations director saw the registration of new members [the first years] to bring to the count of membership to 50. This helped boost the implementation of our calendar of activities for the semester as we needed numbers for representation of our chapter and marketability on the same.

In their enrolment we saw the birth of VIJANA PEACE INITIATIVE that was to bring all models together i.e. Mr. and Miss Chuka University, Mr. and Miss Environment Chuka University….. In the same setting there came the birth of Mr. and Miss Peace Chuka University


As the constitution stipulates, the elections were held in a free and fair manner. This saw a smooth transition of the office from the old to the new.  The new office sat in place just in time to facilitate for a good working environment for the semester.


To just continue the works of our beloved president, we launched the Tharaka Nithi peace torch [mwenge] to take our peace message to another level.


As we had missed numbers in the major Embu to Meru walk, we wanted to time test just before another major walk under the umbrella of P.A.K family. It was rated successful as we had a great turnout of the entire student’s body. This reflected that the other one was kind of communicated poorly and that’s why we had a low turnout.


Chuka2 Chuka3 Chuka4 Chuka5 Chuka6



This was another major event that we held as the semester was just wishing us a cool Christmas holiday festivity. The event was carried on as the chapter name suggests i.e. very peacefully. Rated best by the students as there are no hiccups that were encountered. This trough the Vijana peace initiative saw the birth of Mr. and Miss Peace Chuka University.  In the send off package there was booked one month gym training from the County Fitness Chuka town and lots more. Having have set a standard, it becomes a challenge to go sit down and just watch thing happen.




This is a children’s home that is just but in the conception and we saw the need for visiting it for that the children there lacked much unlike the ones that are well established. It comprises majorly the male gender as the lady in charge solicited street children. She didn’t have a good financial base and hence receives donations from external sources within. Luckily, all the Children do attend school and are supported by the School board as they are clever children. From, Chuka University Chapter we donated some food and books.


Dennis Kimathi

PAK Chuka University Chapter Co-ordinator

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